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Week 31

August 01, 2020 228.2 lbs 07:13 AM – walking, Pocket Road Trail … as i arrive a bunch of people who don’t seem prepared to wear masks heading up, i decide against hiking up myself, i will wait, during the week there are fewer people… “tin soldiers and Richard Nixon, four dead in Ohio,” plays over and over again in my head… we live in strange, dangerous times, the winds of Chaos… i am thinking garden work this morning, housework later?, the stream being loquacious… 04:13 AM – dining room … weight up, despite calorie counting… Art Blart on Brassai, impressive, especially on people, mostlyContinue readingWeek 31

Week 30

This week I turned a corner. I have come to think of my Daybook as a catalog of my attentions. Somehow, this has given me the desire to continue. July 25, 2020 228.2 lbs 02:45 PM – dining room … just now, the question, why do i do this?, put so much time into the photographs, the writing, the posting, the thought that my whole working life i put as much, even more time, into work i didn’t fully love, believe in, whereas now it is all love all believe in… a quote of Walter Benjamin gets at a point that was making itself inContinue readingWeek 30

Week 28

July 11, 2020 04:37 PM – living room, watching MSNBC … talking about 45’s push to open the schools… complaining bitterly… Roger Stone pardon up next… experimented with camera zoom on iPhone today, like the possibilities… 06:34 AM – walking, Beacon Falls … a new day, not humid, cooler, H disappointed there was not more rain, at the dam i can see there wasn’t so much, not the 1.5-2 inches forecast… Brad Feuerhelm on Waffenrhue, the place of the text, a book that channels the undertow of the times… wonkiness with pictures on my website, wondering if because page created out of Ulysses… technology hurdlesContinue readingWeek 28

Week 29

As I look back on the week I am wondering when this pervasive sense of gloom will end. The news that 45 has deployed the Border Patrol to Portland, that he has established a secret police force to infiltrate so called "anarchic" groups and that he is installing his cronies at the Pentagon, bypassing congress in the process, all disturbs. … Continue readingWeek 29

Week 27

July 04, 2020 225.2 lbs Susan Sontag: One finds that there is beauty or at least interest in everything, seen with an acute enough eye. (And the aestheticizing of reality that makes everything, anything, available to the camera is what also permits the co-opting of any photograph, even one of an utterly practical sort, as art.1 7:48 AM – walking, 52 … why does it seem Republicans are more likely to be lying than Democrats?, or is it that their lies are more egregious and cynical?, or is it that it seems that way because i am liberal?… 7:33 AM – walking, Fishkill Creek …Continue readingWeek 27

Week 26

In which I continue to read Susan Sontag, On Photography, and ponder the nature of photography now, which seems little changed from when the book was written; read about the life of Frederick Douglass and make an internal commitment to learn more about Black History in honor of Black Lives Matter; discover that a friend has been undergoing cancer treatment since May; overhear one old men telling other old man about an old man with balls hanging down to his feet; conduct an internal debate about using the iPhone camera exclusively on my walks; AG Barr attempts to get rid of the lead attorney of the Southern District of NY and replace him with a crony, the move is not completely successful; the Cheeto-In-Chief holds a rally that is sparsely attended much to the delight of Liberal Media. … Continue readingWeek 26

Week 25

In which we return home; the Supreme Court affirms LGBTQ rights in the workplace; I continue to read Pema Chodron and Susan Sontag; the Cheeto-In-Chief holds a rally, mid pandemic; I see a Bald Eagle; I have an exchange with P around Qanon; I receive my copy of the book Memory, by Bernadette Mayer. … Continue readingWeek 25

Week 24

In which the vacation has its ups and downs, with too many downs; I read Susan Sontag, On Photography and Pema Chodron, When Things Fall Apart; I walk and walk and walk, completing the full length of the shore line under the Clayhead trail, from Mansion Beach to the North Light Parking Lot; my iPad falls tragically to its death; Black Lives continue to Matter. … Continue readingWeek 24

Week 23

In which we pack up and travel to Block Island and experience numerous frustrations and irritations in the effort; i start to re-read On Photography by Susan Sontag; Black Lives Matter protests continue, solidarity with BLM is found on the island, a wealthy, mostly white community; i have a dust-up with J and with H; i learn about the Boogaloo movement and Qanon and (mis)quote Bette Davis in All About Eve; decide that the Space X astronauts launch is more "Whitey On The Moon," has nothing changed? … Continue readingWeek 23


Week 22

Week 22 of 2020 - my visual and written journal. This week I experiment with "still videos," videos of things i would normally make a still photo of. … Continue readingWeek 22