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Week 25

In which we return home; the Supreme Court affirms LGBTQ rights in the workplace; I continue to read Pema Chodron and Susan Sontag; the Cheeto-In-Chief holds a rally, mid pandemic; I see a Bald Eagle; I have an exchange with P around Qanon; I receive my copy of the book Memory, by Bernadette Mayer. … Continue readingWeek 25

Week 24

In which the vacation has its ups and downs, with too many downs; I read Susan Sontag, On Photography and Pema Chodron, When Things Fall Apart; I walk and walk and walk, completing the full length of the shore line under the Clayhead trail, from Mansion Beach to the North Light Parking Lot; my iPad falls tragically to its death; Black Lives continue to Matter. … Continue readingWeek 24

Week 23

In which we pack up and travel to Block Island and experience numerous frustrations and irritations in the effort; i start to re-read On Photography by Susan Sontag; Black Lives Matter protests continue, solidarity with BLM is found on the island, a wealthy, mostly white community; i have a dust-up with J and with H; i learn about the Boogaloo movement and Qanon and (mis)quote Bette Davis in All About Eve; decide that the Space X astronauts launch is more "Whitey On The Moon," has nothing changed? … Continue readingWeek 23


Week 22

Week 22 of 2020 - my visual and written journal. This week I experiment with "still videos," videos of things i would normally make a still photo of. … Continue readingWeek 22

Week 21

A map of my walks during the week. I will be playing with mapping as I go forward. May 23, 2020 225.6 lbs 8:37 AM – Home … rain starting to fall, the sound of it draining from roof to ground, splattering, continuous, soothing… 7:45 AM – Walking … 2, 3 nights ago, there was a wasp in the bed, under the covers, stung me twice when i got in, grabbed it off my leg and threw it into the dark void of the room, kept thinking I should write this down, now i have… 7:33 AM – Walking … a pickup truck pulls up,Continue readingWeek 21

Week 20

May 16, 2020 226.2 lbs Our walk was shortened this morning. We brought Fiona. She is learning to walk on leash. She needs improvement. She is exhausting. We circled back home and got on with the day. 6:07 AM – My Studio … after a night of storms, cool air, birds singing… severity of storms possible never became actual, not for us, house, yard… today we fill stock tanks with dirt and plant, P will bring us plants from the Master Gardener sale… H is up early, she will likely come for the walk then… thinking about J, wishing for things to be better there,Continue readingWeek 20

Week 19

May 09, 2020 224.2 lbs Reflections have been catching my attention lately. Something about their ephemerality and parallel universe quality. Spinning sculpture in a window. Self with prayer flags fluttering in the breeze. Miscellaneous black and whites from my walk. The crown in the window struck me as a lurking corona virus. 5:04 AM – My Studio … right now, a bird singing furiously outside… woke up at the normal time today… last night, tired, overwhelmed, pandemic logistics exhausting, i struggle to keep the supply chain going, struggle to take in the new washer and dryer, struggle to get the power cord needed to hookContinue readingWeek 19

Week 18

May 02, 2020 226.4 lbs 5:18 AM – Home … feeling fat today, i knew it would not be good, ate a lot yesterday, will have to be careful with calories and exercise, not been easy because of weather… Chas just came down, i retrieve Fiona, grabbed the Panasonic camera and made some pics along the way, low light… fat and unhealthy i should add… need to get lots of walk in today… dogs come in, treats all around, Rubie too… feeling frustrated, dispirited, everything happening in slow motion, some things getting done, garden project proceeding slowly as i gather materials needed, have to getContinue readingWeek 18

Week 17

April 25, 2020 223.0 lbs 10:15 – My Studio … while i was walking this morning, the experience and the haiku… Walking empty streets,The smell of cigarette smoke,Am I infected? 4:44 AM – My Studio … an article on Alison Roman catches my eye, food writer, latest phenom, writes for NYT, recipes shared everywhere on social media, especially now, during pandemic, because, what else do people have to do, i am envious, i wish i could stumble onto something that would make me the prom king of the pandemic, alas, my proclivities are anything but fodder for popularity… an article about Gabrielle Hamilton and theContinue readingWeek 17

Week 16

April 18, 2020 222.6 lbs 5:57 AM – My Studio … early to bed, early to rise… rain, cold, not sure i will get out for my walk, may try anyway… need fresh veggies… noted on FB that S has been supplying fresh salmon, maybe other fish, have to get on that wagon… was expecting my new book trimming tool, just checked tracking and it has been delayed, oh well… the Cheeto-in-chief fomenting protest in democratic governor swing states, is there no end to his awfulness?… convinced the second wave will be sooner and worse than need be, there was always going to be aContinue readingWeek 16