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Week 16

April 18, 2020 222.6 lbs 5:57 AM – My Studio … early to bed, early to rise… rain, cold, not sure i will get out for my walk, may try anyway… need fresh veggies… noted on FB that S has been supplying fresh salmon, maybe other fish, have to get on that wagon… was expecting my new book trimming tool, just checked tracking and it has been delayed, oh well… the Cheeto-in-chief fomenting protest in democratic governor swing states, is there no end to his awfulness?… convinced the second wave will be sooner and worse than need be, there was always going to be aContinue readingWeek 16

Week 14

April 04, 2020 no weigh in 6:50 PM – Home … feeling sad, profoundly difficult time, Oregon sending ventilators to NY… fucking federal government, not there when you need them… every state for themselves… … Saturday, three weeks without H in the house, how long will it be before i see her again… drank a little too much last night, woke up with nasal ridge in mouth all dried out, similar to what happened on BI, drank lots of water to re-hydrate, wondering why that happens with the too much alcohol… no more today, get a nice bottle of wine in for tomorrow, my birthday,Continue readingWeek 14