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Week 31

August 01, 2020 228.2 lbs 07:13 AM – walking, Pocket Road Trail … as i arrive a bunch of people who don’t seem prepared to wear masks heading up, i decide against hiking up myself, i will wait, during the week there are fewer people… “tin soldiers and Richard Nixon, four dead in Ohio,” plays over and over again in my head… we live in strange, dangerous times, the winds of Chaos… i am thinking garden work this morning, housework later?, the stream being loquacious… 04:13 AM – dining room … weight up, despite calorie counting… Art Blart on Brassai, impressive, especially on people, mostlyContinue readingWeek 31

Week 18

May 02, 2020 226.4 lbs 5:18 AM – Home … feeling fat today, i knew it would not be good, ate a lot yesterday, will have to be careful with calories and exercise, not been easy because of weather… Chas just came down, i retrieve Fiona, grabbed the Panasonic camera and made some pics along the way, low light… fat and unhealthy i should add… need to get lots of walk in today… dogs come in, treats all around, Rubie too… feeling frustrated, dispirited, everything happening in slow motion, some things getting done, garden project proceeding slowly as i gather materials needed, have to getContinue readingWeek 18

Week 13

March 28, 2020 220.2 lbs 6:09 AM – Home … bird singing loudly outside, daylight arriving, i have finished my Feedly stream for now, no, not finished, just did everything i had patience for, the bird singing gave me the urge to write now, the hum of the refrigerator, dogs sleeping in the living room, on the couch, or on the couch and chair, i can’t see them, i know without looking… Saturday morning, weekend, more than ever weekend and weekday seem the same, another day in hell about to unfold, hell is cold, quiet, lonely, i will look out on some of it, throughContinue readingWeek 13