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Week 14

April 04, 2020 no weigh in 6:50 PM – Home … feeling sad, profoundly difficult time, Oregon sending ventilators to NY… fucking federal government, not there when you need them… every state for themselves… … Saturday, three weeks without H in the house, how long will it be before i see her again… drank a little too much last night, woke up with nasal ridge in mouth all dried out, similar to what happened on BI, drank lots of water to re-hydrate, wondering why that happens with the too much alcohol… no more today, get a nice bottle of wine in for tomorrow, my birthday,Continue readingWeek 14

I Read Moby Dick

I have decided that the times call for a reading of Moby Dick, by Herman Melville. I also decided it would be fun to make voice recordings of the reading of Moby Dick and share them with my wife who is currently on Block Island helping her mother recover from a fall and stay safe from the virus. And then I thought it might be fun to share more broadly. So, on this page I will continue to add links to the voice files as I make them. They are crude, I stumble over words, I mispronounce them, I read in a bit of a monotone, but this is what it would be like if I was reading to you in person. This I hope, supplies a little charm and intimacy in exchange for lack of professionalism. Enjoy! … Continue readingI Read Moby Dick

Week 13

March 28, 2020 220.2 lbs 6:09 AM – Home … bird singing loudly outside, daylight arriving, i have finished my Feedly stream for now, no, not finished, just did everything i had patience for, the bird singing gave me the urge to write now, the hum of the refrigerator, dogs sleeping in the living room, on the couch, or on the couch and chair, i can’t see them, i know without looking… Saturday morning, weekend, more than ever weekend and weekday seem the same, another day in hell about to unfold, hell is cold, quiet, lonely, i will look out on some of it, throughContinue readingWeek 13

Week 06

finished Naomi Klein book, This Changes Everything… the earth is fucked, at least as far as human and animal habitation is concerned… the task of turning things around seems impossible and the news from the past is not promising… the best example of massive social change is the end of slavery which was brutal by all accounts… … Continue readingWeek 06

Week 04

we are unique creatures traveling through this corporate sameness and are comforted by the consistency which makes traveling predictable if not entirely pleasurable… … Continue readingWeek 04