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Week 15

April 11, 2020 220.6 lbs 5:58 AM … a little more hopeful today… good sleep… watched Eat, Drink, Man, Woman last night, good movie, not my favorite food movie, but a good movie, interesting view of the density and uniformity of Chinese society, thought the main characters are all individuals against the uniform backdrop… more and more likely that H will be home soon, P being a little stubborn about quarantine, annoying both of us, the question being, technically, H should quarantine for same period which means probably a week and half before she comes home… April 10, 2020 219.8 lbs 5:50 AM – HomeContinue readingWeek 15

Week 08

i believe there is free will, but it is not unencumbered free will… essentially, consciousness exists to make sense of the world in a way that allows prediction and actions based on predictions… how could predictions and actions around those predictions not be some kind of free will?… by the same token, we predict and act on predictions in the service of preconscious instincts and desires… … Continue readingWeek 08

Week 07

February 15, 2020 225.0 lbs 8:09 AM – Big Mouth Coffee Roasters … K and A in the store today… bitter cold… household up when i am… made a cassoulet, bitter green salad, chocolate mousse for Valentines day last night, H got me a set of Opinel Knives including a vegetable peeler and bread knife, with canvas pouch, for road trips, camping, etc… i check the bank account, i know we don’t have enough in checking to get through to H’s next SS check, going to need to be abstemious… forgot to bring computer glasses with me, oh well… need to do some catching up,Continue readingWeek 07

Week 06

finished Naomi Klein book, This Changes Everything… the earth is fucked, at least as far as human and animal habitation is concerned… the task of turning things around seems impossible and the news from the past is not promising… the best example of massive social change is the end of slavery which was brutal by all accounts… … Continue readingWeek 06

Week 03

i have long wrestled with consciousness, the idea of it, the nature of it, what thoughtful person has not?… panpsychism, the idea that consciousness in not observable, it is experience and you may be able to dissect to some degree the mechanisms of experience rising into awareness in an organism, but one cannot get inside that experience… panpsychism posits the existence of experience even in sub atomic particles, but so rudimentary that we have no idea what the quality of that experience is… … Continue readingWeek 03