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Week 21

A map of my walks during the week. I will be playing with mapping as I go forward. May 23, 2020 225.6 lbs 8:37 AM – Home … rain starting to fall, the sound of it draining from roof to ground, splattering, continuous, soothing… 7:45 AM – Walking … 2, 3 nights ago, there was a wasp in the bed, under the covers, stung me twice when i got in, grabbed it off my leg and threw it into the dark void of the room, kept thinking I should write this down, now i have… 7:33 AM – Walking … a pickup truck pulls up,Continue readingWeek 21

Week 20

May 16, 2020 226.2 lbs Our walk was shortened this morning. We brought Fiona. She is learning to walk on leash. She needs improvement. She is exhausting. We circled back home and got on with the day. 6:07 AM – My Studio … after a night of storms, cool air, birds singing… severity of storms possible never became actual, not for us, house, yard… today we fill stock tanks with dirt and plant, P will bring us plants from the Master Gardener sale… H is up early, she will likely come for the walk then… thinking about J, wishing for things to be better there,Continue readingWeek 20