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Week 16

April 18, 2020 222.6 lbs 5:57 AM – My Studio … early to bed, early to rise… rain, cold, not sure i will get out for my walk, may try anyway… need fresh veggies… noted on FB that S has been supplying fresh salmon, maybe other fish, have to get on that wagon… was expecting my new book trimming tool, just checked tracking and it has been delayed, oh well… the Cheeto-in-chief fomenting protest in democratic governor swing states, is there no end to his awfulness?… convinced the second wave will be sooner and worse than need be, there was always going to be aContinue readingWeek 16

Week 15

April 11, 2020 220.6 lbs 5:58 AM … a little more hopeful today… good sleep… watched Eat, Drink, Man, Woman last night, good movie, not my favorite food movie, but a good movie, interesting view of the density and uniformity of Chinese society, thought the main characters are all individuals against the uniform backdrop… more and more likely that H will be home soon, P being a little stubborn about quarantine, annoying both of us, the question being, technically, H should quarantine for same period which means probably a week and half before she comes home… April 10, 2020 219.8 lbs 5:50 AM – HomeContinue readingWeek 15