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Week 09

February 29, 2020

February 28, 2020

223.4 lbs

7:21 AM – Big Mouth Coffee Roasters

… corona virus top of mind, text message from H when i looked first thing this morning, NPR corona virus preparedness, need to stockpile food, frozen, canned, several weeks worth, when virus hits community will need to hunker down… we are in most vulnerable age group, i think about my parents, i think about myself and H, the key will be good hygiene, lots of hand washing, etc. wondering if i should keep my appointment for a physical if the virus has hit or is arriving, the news makes it inevitable… got asked to join a corona virus FB group, private group, will join… i am at coffee shop early, before most people, everything at the opening hour, don’t go places don’t have to go, especially grocery stores, health clinics, etc… not panicking, but worried, seems inevitable that it will get here… tomorrow, a run to Costco to stock up, meat, frozen veggies, frozen foods, canned goods… S on the road to do things, could be interrupted if the virus comes to town… reading Bertrand Russell’s An Analysis of Matter, fascinating, i don’t begin to understand the math, it seems much of it i could be comprehend with a refresher on advanced geometry and algebra, still, verbal explanations say enough to shed some light… the idea that quanta were considered an anomaly because they implied space-time was discontinuous, until the theories of relativity came about and were refined, such that the true story is that theories of the fabric are more accommodating to quantum and non quantum behavior, it seems apparent, and i knew this from his opening words and other readings, that Russel is developing the foundations of an argument for an interconnecting fundamental element, mind… joined the corona virus support group on FB, talking about immune boosting behavior…

February 27, 2020

225.4 lbs

3:00 PM – Harrison Physical Therapy

… wrote a short story instead of daybook this morning, short story went well, thought i should set a few things down here too… corona virus threatens, a matter of time, a case in California without apparent contact/origin, i order some extra Purell, H tells me it is not that effective against viruses, oh well… pleased with my story, thought about it for several days and then just let loose and it spilled out fully formed, two weeks to refine, one writer’s group in between, maybe two?… vegetable curry for dinner, yum, basmati rice, maybe chickpeas?…

February 26, 2020

224.0 lbs

9:16 AM – Big Mouth Coffee Roasters

… horrible dem debate last night, lasted half an hour then went to bed, an embarrassment across the board, candidates, moderators, democratic party, network, more confirmation that networks are part of the decay of society, symptom, perhaps cause… as i read more deeply into pansychism i realize the materialist/market/capitalist society we have is a descendant of Galileo and Descartes, who separated the subjective from objective and focused exclusively on the latter, which permitted a view of planet and everything on it as commodities to be mined, bought and sold… the whole thing goes back 368 years, it is coursing to its logical conclusion, the destruction of the planet, lives void of meaning… pansychism offering an integrative point of view, bringing subjective together with objective into a unified whole of being, keep thinking i should return to Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, purchased Kindle version, waiting in que… gray, misty, still warm, cold over the weekend… will visit J this weekend, she is struggling, hoping we can lift spirits, going to make a lamb tagine, should be yum… started reading The Analysis of Matter and right there, in the opening pages, the problem of the relation of perception to matter and the difficulty science has with the separation or integration of the two… BR says that matter and perception need to be viewed as on intimate terms, perception being a fundamental quality of the universe…

February 25, 2020

223.0 lbs

7:18 AM – during my walk

… a few days without 24 hour news cycle, the bliss of walking dog, making pictures, cooking, conversing with H, i begin to wonder if 24/7 news cycle is a plot to keep us unhappy and binging on compensatory behavior, buying things not needed, consuming drugs, alcohol, psychotherapy, spa treatments, etc… flattened cans, random selection of drink appetites of the folk who left them behind, coupled with the car culture that sends them to and fro…corrosion is profitable… walked across Hamilton Fish bridge, sitting for a moment before returning… something about being more tied to the land, away from the manifestly material cities where science and market/capital organization conspired to rob landscape of spiritual connections and implications…

February 24, 2020

224.0 lbs

8:06 AM Madame Brett Park

… the idea that upright walking reduce surface area for sun to strike, liberating ancestors from tree dwelling, as simple as that…

“Though most of her writings are nonpartisan, she took a strong stand on national and global politics, arguing against the Korean War, the cold war, the arms race, and war in general. The war in Korea was still going on when she set out from Pasadena, as was Senator Joe McCarthy’s anticommunist intimidation. It was one of the bleakest periods in American history, with fear of nuclear war and communism driving most Americans into the bunkers of conformity and repression. Even to argue for peace took heroic courage.”

Rebecca Solnit, Wanderlust

i have no idea how bad this period was, but my perception is that it was very bad, as bad, maybe worse, as what we are presently going through… i am having a strong hankering for a road trip to see C and J… may make trip alone if the funds aren’t there to do it together, i think i need to do it soon, i think i need to consider upping my trip frequency… 20 hrs of driving to get to Naples, 21 hrs if you go via Route 1, classic road trip route… my idea to do it alone as research and then again with H at a later date… good walk this morning, long walk, by the river, 10k steps in already, Fiona walk early getting me off to a good start… took care of some kitchen/cooking chores before going out, made up turkey sausage for breakfast, froze a bunch, also froze in one cup portions the rest of the chicken feet stock made over the weekend, will need to vacuum seal it to free up containers again, perhaps the same with sausage… nice to start the day with some get ahead of the curve work… i am also noticing how happy i can be if i don’t pay too close attention to the news, not ignore, but most of the day, focus on more positive things, more hopeful things… today got off to a good start, i hope it continues…

February 23, 2020

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