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Week 11

March 14, 2020

No weight

8:00 AM – BI

… trying to think through next moves, i am due to return to Beacon tomorrow and thinking i should not come back until pandemic subsides, that H should stay out here, this to protect M… thinking that i should be able to get all way home touching only one gas pump, i have gloves, shouldn’t be a problem… thinking that there is enough food in the house to last for a couple of months, shouldn’t have to go out at all, just for walks, long thoughtful walks… the virus spreading, we have no idea how much, but wide spread, DT slightly more on top of things during press conference yesterday, administration looking like trying to handle things, but likely should have been at this place weeks ago… will check in on J and C today by phone, i fear i will loose them, they watch Fox news, have been taking things less seriously… people seem to be buying everything in sight in populated areas, people trying to get food delivered, not getting everything they ordered…

March 13, 2020

No weight

7:45 AM – BI

… the back of my throat dried out, like it does when you get cold, bedroom was very hot, radiatirs going all night long, hoping that the reason for dried throat, would not like to have carried the virus out M, would not like to have it myself… huge sell off in stock market, it will be years before our savings come back, good thing we don’t presently need them… news is bleak… i am struggling a bit out here, hard to run ones own schedule as I like to… M seems good, we are all good considering…

March 11, 2020

221.8 lbs

3:05 PM – Physical Therapy

… heading out to BI tomorrow, H will stay, i will come back… CV cases growing as any rational person should have expected them to, some people still living in lala land about it, they will soon change their tune… Biden nomination starting to look certain and I am optimistic about his prospects and prospects of Dems in general… Harve Weinstein got 23 years, richly deserved…

March 10, 2020

223.8 lbs

5:20 AM – Home

… slept in a little, 6.5 hours of sleep, the best i seem able to do… CV pandemic escalation, government continues to be in don’t worry be happy mode, at least the federal government, all of Italy shut down, slowing down in China, stock market tumbled because of CV and oil price war between Russia and China… more primaries today, biden expected to widen lead, we’ll see what happens… i realize there is photographer’s salon tonight, not in frame of mind to go, but will, small gathering… trying to think through reading event at Quinn’s, afraid to hang out inside, will hang out near entrance and come to stage when my turn comes…

5:49 PM – Woodstock

… people are being all sorts of things around COVID-19, uninformed, loving, insensitive, caring, selfish, scared, determined, all sorts of things… i am scared, i am frustrated with H’s very slow ramp up to defense levels I think are appropriate, i am exhausted, though fortunately sleeping well enough…

March 09, 2020

224 lbs

2:31 PM – Harrison Physical Therapy

… been hard to keep up with journal and photography, distractions, preoccupations, not diving… B, M and I harvested turkeys and chickens today, came home with one small turkey, one small rooster and some organ meats… trying to organize myself, a little depressed… stop at barbs on way home, get meat…

March 08, 2020

12:55 PM – Home

… recovering from late night… feeling a bit depressed, worried, dinner with friends tonight… H grumbling at me about investments and not getting out of markets…

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