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Thus, men endowed with social prestige and good at flattering feminine vanity will arouse passion even if they have no physical charm.1

… de Beauvoir takes it as given that this is a social construct, not necessarily a construct of nature as it regards the human species… we don’t bother with these distinctions for any other animal, amongst the other animals, sex is sex, procreation is procreation, the goal is as Bertrand Russel put it, “to turn as much of the planet into themselves as possible,”… why then do we bother with these distinctions?, because as we progress technologically and socially, what was dependent on biology is less so, and humans are freed to begin to challenge the dictates of their biology… humanity at the social level is ever shifting…

Only in love can woman harmoniously reconcile her eroticism and her narcissism…2

Stekel adds that “for many women, the descent into animality is the condition for orgasm.” They see an abasement in physical love impossible to reconcile with feelings of esteem and affection.3

… before this a quote from a woman who describes, essentially, being raped, and otherwise frigid in the context of her relationships, she describes experiencing the “keenest orgasm,” does this give credence to the idea that some women at least become fully aroused when taken aggressively, overwhelmed as it were, in a way that many would consider rape…

Only exalted admiration can make up for the humiliation of an act she considers a defeat. We have seen that the love act requires a woman’s profound alienation; she is awash in the indolence of passivity; eyes closed, anonymous, lost, she feels transported by waves, caught up in torment, buried in the night: night of flesh, of the womb, of the tomb; reduced to nothing, she reaches the Whole, her self effaced. But when the man separates himself from her, she finds herself thrown back to earth, on a bed, in the light; she has a name and a face again: she is a conquered person, a prey, an object.4

… the difference between defeat and conquest, man sets out to conquer, woman defends, what it is to always be on the defense against the would be conquerer… exhausting?… as i write and consider these passages, i am mildly aroused, both the rape scenario and the passionately loved scenario arouse me, excite me, both, from a feminine point of view… as my masculine self, i would never seek to overwhelm a woman, never have, i seek consent, mutuality, and the highest pleasure is in being “reduced to nothing” and “reaching the whole”…

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