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… a Japanese friend came through with a recipe for Okinawa Squid Ink Soup:

Okinawa Squid ink Soup

5 servings

500g Squid

200g Thinly sliced pork belly

250g Tofu

1500cc Bonito broth

1 Tbsps Miso

1 tsp soy sauce

1/8 tsp salt

1/4 cup Chopped scallion for garnish

  1. Cook squid and pork in the broth.
  2. Add tofu
  3. Add squid ink
  4. Serve the soup and sprinkle the scallion.

This recipe uses one Aori Ika (Aori squid) and its ink.

It’s a pretty big kind and tastes rich and sweet.

You can add more miso and salt if you like.

It’s pretty simple.

I think the key is what kind squid you get.

The greens on the soup is Nigana which is bitter greens.

I changed it to scallion because I didn’t think you’d find it.

But you can try different greens.

Also, you can add daikon radish.

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