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… a quick look at the work of Joanna Piotrowska, that collectively address the complexity of power dynamics, and modes of oppression and control, through enigmatic black-and-white images

… this image immediately grabs my attention:

Joanna Piotrowska, from Stable Vices

… woman as captive in home…

the article is reviewing her book Stable Vices

… i learn about Carol Gilligan, “North American feminist and developmental psychologist,” as influence on the construction of Piotrowska’s images…

The book details how adolescent girls unconsciously subordinate themselves and conform to patriarchal culture’s dominant paternalism. “The structures of domination become invisible because they have been internalized, incorporated into the psyche, they appear not as manifestations of culture but as part of nature – part of us,” Gilligan explains.1

… de Beauvoir explained this in great detail, i buy the Kindle version of Gilligan’s book Joining The Resistance, i want to know what Ms. Gilligan has to add to the conversation…

The book’s title, Stable Vices, derives from an equine term that is used to describe negative behavioral habits which horses develop from isolation and confinement. These disruptive traits were initially attributed to the horse being ‘abnormal’. However, it was later accepted that their actions are ‘indicative of an abnormal environment’. The shift in emphasis — the implication of the environment as the cause and the effect — can be used as a metaphor to illustrate how socio-political structures significantly bear on human behavior. Piotrowska’s images perform these gaps and slippages in power dynamics, the in-betweenness of existence. They visualize the complicated constellation of perpetually shifting relations.2


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