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an odd spread on Nofar Hatuka, a designer of fashion?… it features a woman who gives the physical impression of being in her 30’s, not the usual late teen model… this image stands out:

… the sequence of images addresses one outfit with a variation of the shoes, same shoe, different color… down to earth, everyday, the designer is from Tel-Aviv, the woman, white, with curly hair, presumably jewish… i learn from the article that Nofar Hatuka is a woman… i visit her website and read this:

KUKI is a conceptual fashion studio, founded by Nofar Hatuka in 2018, Tel Aviv. The studio connects culture and body through fashion. Celebrating a new image through a historical and cultural perspective, KUKI takes inspiration from the Yemenite Heritage and it’s colourful textures, fabrics and traditions, while breaking boundaries between tailoring, sportswear and ready-to-wear, with intent of creating equality between him and her. In other words, CULTUREWEAR.​1


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