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Jonathan Blaustein reviews Guille and Belinda by Alessandra Sanguinetti… in his opening monologue (all JB posts begin with a personal monologue), this:

While so many others have to dodge people in cities, wondering whether the asshole jogger up ahead just spewed deadly virus-air in their jet stream, I’ve had no such issues.1

… oh man, how often in the past year have i had asshole jogger thoughts in the past year… especially in the early going of the pandemic…

… the book is about two girls, now young women, now mothers… it is a straightforward capturing of their growing up, JB loves the book, i am less enthralled, largely because i never had the experience of raising children and watching them progress, nor close access to the children that were being raised by my brother, sister, and brothers and sisters in law… moreover, i don’t photograph people…

… it’s a good book, i am sure, worthy of JB’s approbations, it’s just not my thing…


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