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God Is In The Details

… 232.2 lbs… slight weight gain, in the range of norma vicissitudes, if i get past the weekend, i should be on track to loose weight in the coming week…

… i keep thinking about whether i should continue this writing effort, i always think i should… how should i make it interesting then?… work harder on it?, on the photographs i make?, lead a more interesting life so the product is more interesting?… my point with all this is that life is just life, it unfolds, interesting depends on your attitude to it… if you find the details of your daily life interesting, then you lead at least an interested life… every day, you read the brail messages the universe sends your way, the colors, the textures, the spacial arrangements, the humans, the animals, the plants it animates all that color, space and texture with… a few words with your wife, a friend, an acquaintance, a stranger, on a sunny spring morning… we all lead interesting lives, we’ve just been taught to think they are dull and boring… pay attention to the details, god and the devil live in the details…

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