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Bad Ass and Beauty – One Love

review by Jorg Colberg

“I really don’t care if photography is considered a fine art or not.” Mao Ishikawa says, “For me, photography is just photography.” (p.20) I feel that that’s an approach that we can learn something from: photography not as a craft, but simply as a tool to get at larger messages — without worrying too much about what the collectors or curators might think.1

… Jörg Colberg gives it his highest recommendation, i look for the price, 3960 yen, about 33 dollars…

… i am interested because i love Japanese photography, always have… i am interested because i want to make squid ink soup, which is an Okinawan dish that i had some trouble getting a good recipe for, my friend Y got it for me, and now, as i read about the state of Okinawa relative to Japan as a whole, i wonder what they thought of the request, what is their attitude to Okinawa?… they said they never had the dish but that it looked interesting… i posted the recipe


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