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232.o lbs

… we got our second shots yesterday… i have experienced no effects, H has chills and aches… i have stopped the upward march of weight, now can i get it to march down?… feeling frustrated with my creative production, enormous amounts of time invested for what?… i did not enter Photography Now for the first time in years… i didn’t have a body of work i felt compelling… maybe it is good to sit out a year… i had thought about the cemetery tree, but i am in need of some more images… i thought about an essay on Mt. Beacon, but failed to sort the images to see if there was a there there… i thought about the flattened cans, i think that one could have worked with a rewrite of the artist statement about it… these three projects need attention… i need to get back to book making too… in time, in time, i know what i am working on, let it unfold naturally…

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