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What is Love?

… to me, an ideal love relationship is that of two physical-spiritual centers in orbit around one-another… not fully independent, not fully dependent… a stable system that stands united in equilibrium against all but the most extreme pushes and pulls of surrounding space through time… and yet, these two physical-spiritual centers at times, reach into one another in moments of extreme intimacy to become a universal one… … What is Love?

Signs of the Times

At the beginning of the pandemic I began photographing the impromptu signage that people, institutions and businesses in Beacon, NY created and posted to be in touch with one another, encourage one another, inform one another. This is a selection of those signs. … Signs of the Times

Dark Matter

Dark Matter Meditations contemplate manifestation and dissolution within the primordial “soul-fabric” of the cosmos. My sense is that there is far more darkness than light, far more hidden from view than manifest, at every level of existence. We are as moths to the flame as we seek bits of illumination to orient ourselves in the vast sea of darkness. … Dark Matter

Flattened Cans

I have been collecting can images for a long time. I am interested in the idea that even though they are mass produced items, with thousands to millions and perhaps billons of "replicants" in the wild, when they begin to interact with their cosmic environment they become as unique as snowflakes. … Flattened Cans