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… i am interested because i love Japanese photography, always have… i am interested because i want to make squid ink soup, which is an Okinawan dish that i had some trouble getting a good recipe for, my friend Y got it for me, and now, as i read about the state of Okinawa relative to Japan as a whole, i wonder what she thought of the request, what is her attitude to Okinawa?… she said she never had the dish but that it looked interesting… i posted [the recipe]… … 2021.04.11.03


… an exhibit at MoMA, bastion of the patriarchy… appropriated images rendered in blood red with captions overlaid… they are circles within rectangular frames, shifted up and off center, optical centering?, it seems a bit more than that, circles within the square too… platonic harmonies are at work?, a white European lineage… … 2021.04.11.02


… [an article about Iranian photographer Sara Abbaspour]… her black and white photographs appeal to me… … 2021.04.10.04


… about Gem Fletcher… the author of the article on photography and women’s issues [that i focused considerable attention on yesterday]… … 2021.04.10.03


… the book is about two girls, now young women, now mothers… it is a straightforward capturing of their growing up, JB loves the book, i am less enthralled, largely because i never had the experience of raising children and watching them progress, nor close access to the children that were being raised by my brother, sister, and brothers and sisters in law… moreover, i don’t photograph people… … 2021.04.10.02


i look through the data my new impedance scale collects and note that it places my metabolic age at 72, hmmm… not happy about that, i wonder if one can change that number, bring it down, with good dietary and lifestyle behavior… … 2021.04.10.01


… on the concept of white supremacy, we should re-state it as white patriarchal supremacy, the two strongly overlap… … 20210409.08