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… of interest to my women in photography rabbit hole, a before photography depiction of Lucretia, who committed suicide after she was raped, by artist Artemisia Gentileschi, who was raped by an associate of her father and tortured during the trial of that associate to be sure she was telling the truth… wow! … 2021.04.13.06


… humanity operating within it’s confines… i like these sculptures… they get the fundamental condition of constraint across in an admirable way, a general way… the artist compares his own experience to that of the French society he now lives in… compelling work… … 2021.04.13.04


[Justine Kurland] cut up all her photobooks and made collages out of them… the results a feminist manifesto, out with men… i get that the patriarchy is a bore, but i have begun to suspect that a matriarchy that dominates as the patriarchy does, should it ever be achieved, will be just as problematic, not least because women seek to claim the agency of men, with agency comes responsibility, but also the opportunity to run amok in pursuit of hegemony… i now dedicate myself to the ouroboros and the multiarchy, this is where the future of humanity lies if it is to be a good one… … 2021.04.12.03


… an exhibit at MoMA, bastion of the patriarchy… appropriated images rendered in blood red with captions overlaid… they are circles within rectangular frames, shifted up and off center, optical centering?, it seems a bit more than that, circles within the square too… platonic harmonies are at work?, a white European lineage… … 2021.04.11.02


It’s this idea that as a cis woman, I have this kind of internalised male gaze within my consciousness. I’m always watching myself. It’s about how those images have changed our subjectivity, our psyche and our sense of being in the world. It’s a type of power that is, in a sense, insurmountable. … 20210409.05


Brain Pickings… an article on a book on gardening… through it i reach this Virginia Woolf quote: … 2021040504