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… she talks about her father’s indiscretion… he is having sex with someone other than his wife… “he slept with a sister at the broken church” and i am thinking he sleeps with a nun… but then “Father squeaked quietly under the covers He believed Squeaksqueak When I lay in the lower bunk Father shook the bed from up top”… so the sister is her younger sister? Father is molesting his daughter, her sister?... … 2021.04.24


… the book is about two girls, now young women, now mothers… it is a straightforward capturing of their growing up, JB loves the book, i am less enthralled, largely because i never had the experience of raising children and watching them progress, nor close access to the children that were being raised by my brother, sister, and brothers and sisters in law… moreover, i don’t photograph people… … 2021.04.10.02

Week 45

Photographs, journal entries, image poem from the 45th week of the year in which Joseph R. Biden is elected president of the United States of America. … Week 45

Week 35

I live in a culture that values individualism and the “exceptional” individual above all others. A culture that deplores the average, the “lives of quiet desperation” that most of us supposedly live. Alright, during the administration of 45, and especially during the pandemic, I am living a life of desperation, and because I am who I am, it is quiet desperation. But that is another story. … Week 35