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… the book is about two girls, now young women, now mothers… it is a straightforward capturing of their growing up, JB loves the book, i am less enthralled, largely because i never had the experience of raising children and watching them progress, nor close access to the children that were being raised by my brother, sister, and brothers and sisters in law… moreover, i don’t photograph people… … 2021.04.10.02


It’s this idea that as a cis woman, I have this kind of internalised male gaze within my consciousness. I’m always watching myself. It’s about how those images have changed our subjectivity, our psyche and our sense of being in the world. It’s a type of power that is, in a sense, insurmountable. … 20210409.05


… as a result of following up on the photographers mentioned in Oxiea Villamonte Next of Kin article, [Raised By Wolves, by Jim Goldberg], surfaces… it describes itself as “a completely true work of fiction”… this drawing… … 2021040805


_Next of Kin tells my story through three different generations of women. It's not a linear one, neither a chronological one. It is an intertwining story where the past and the present try to connect with each other as well as disconnect._ … 2021040804


… [Markus Bunyan, art historian, critic, prolific blog posts, his own images this time]… they are good images… wide ranging… black and white… a surprising set of “abstractions” of a penis, his?… … 2021040706


… i learn about Carol Gilligan, “North American feminist and developmental psychologist,” as influence on the construction of Piotrowska’s images… … 2021040704