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"I find more and more that attention is the elemental unit of time. Each moment we are fully paying attention is an atom of eternity." Maria Popova … 2021.04.26


… de Beauvoir writes, “This is to say that the drama does not unfold on a sexual level; sexuality, moreover, has never seemed to us to define a destiny or to provide in itself the key to human behavior, but to express the totality of a situation it helps define”… i am less sure of this, instinct is a profound driver of human behavior, the instinct to procreate is among the most profound drivers, and then to nourish and protect progeny, this is what nature has offered us as the basic fabric of our being, the overwhelming desire to project our genes into the next generation… … 2021.04.13.02


one thing occurs to me, the two patriarchs are both damaged and degenerate in their own ways… it is a decaying patriarchy… the women all have it together better than the men in the show… it will be interesting to see how this develops over the three seasons of the show… … 20210409.04


… de Beauvoir takes it as given that this is a social construct, not necessarily a construct of nature as it regards the human species… we don’t bother with these distinctions for any other animal, amongst the other animals, sex is sex, procreation is procreation, the goal is as Bertrand Russel put it, “to turn as much of the planet into themselves as possible,”… why then do we bother with these distinctions?, because as we progress technologically and socially, what was dependent on biology is less so, and humans are freed to begin to challenge the dictates of their biology… humanity at the social level is ever shifting… … 2021040502