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… about Gem Fletcher… the author of the article on photography and women’s issues [that i focused considerable attention on yesterday]… … 2021.04.10.03


one thing occurs to me, the two patriarchs are both damaged and degenerate in their own ways… it is a decaying patriarchy… the women all have it together better than the men in the show… it will be interesting to see how this develops over the three seasons of the show… … 20210409.04


… the situation of woman in the world of work is complicated, womanhood is still in transition, manhood as well, since the patriarchal system has to adjust itself to the idea of multiarchy, that is, an equality of the sexes where the male does not necessarily dominate and in which he shares, according to his economic power relative to woman, in the responsibilities of maintaining family, home… … 20210409.02


_Next of Kin tells my story through three different generations of women. It's not a linear one, neither a chronological one. It is an intertwining story where the past and the present try to connect with each other as well as disconnect._ … 2021040804