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Week 04

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January 25, 2020

5:54 AM – Red Roof Inn, Youngstown, OH

… reading Invisible Man, unsettling, makes me feel old, seems familiar, reminds me of IAF days… the dems rested their case, Adam Schiff amazing, won’t matter other than to record in history that some of us knew better, and that the Republican party cares little for principle and integrity, only power… the only hope is that the president’s lawyers find a way to blow it… we head home today, a little nervous about weather when we head into higher elevations, we will take it easy… grateful to be awake, witnessing today…

6:19 – Starbucks, Youngstown OH

… we haven’t stopped anywhere long enough to really take in local culture, the uniqueness, we have remained wrapped in the corporate sameness which blankets the country with familiarity, even while the franchises change, Hobby Lobby, Chic-fil-A, Starbucks, well, that is the same everywhere… we are unique creatures traveling through this corporate sameness and are comforted by the consistency which makes traveling predictable if not entirely pleasurable… i am sitting here with two younger men who may be passing through like me, early risers like me… i am frustrated with my Lumix camera picture making, tempted to make the iPhone the main picture recording device… did the receipts, not too bad, trip relatively low cost but for the price of dog… Fiona is a sweetheart, lovely, lovely dog… corporate muzak, corporate, coffee, economies of scale…

January 24, 2020

6:24 AM – Red Roof Inn

… pouring rain, up at 4:00 AM, more Invisible Man, dinner at P’s last night, conversation, optimism about Millennials, i, not optimistic at all, the system we operate within needs fundamental change, it is crashing the planet, but what replaces it?, and how to change without bloodshed?, though there is bloodshed already, quite bloodshed… listened to impeachment hearings all day, a solid case has been made, the public needle has not moved, it likely will not move much… thinking about being senior, shortness of life, this trip making me feel it quite a bit for some reason… Midwest drivers mostly observe speed limit, few crazy drivers… thinking i will concentrate on iPhone camera story telling remainder of trip…

January 23, 2020

6:40 AM – Quality Inn, Marion IL

… raining, no walk, winter storm on the way, doesn’t look too bad, still makes me nervous… picked up Fiona from breeder yesterday, puppy, energetic, climber, major counter surfer… she’s a lovely, very curious dog… driving through rural Illinois I get a feel for why there are many Trump voters, a simplicity to towns, landscape, culture… it’s an impression, could be wrong, just a feeling… J, Fiona’s breeder, nice young woman, independent, dogs, fish, parrots, power miter saw, plain house, lots of property, rural, lives alone…

3:33 Red Roof Inn – Cincinnati, OH

January 22, 2020

7:53 AM – Waffle House, Cincinnati

… walked the commercial strip by the hotel… decent walk, maybe some good pictures, corporate sameness, some corps we don’t have in Northeast, many we do, vague sense of depression, the ugliness, impeachment proceedings, the sham proceedings, is this trip teaching us anything?, don’t know… we meet the new dog today and start the journey back… kid having a birthday in the Waffle House, her name is Audrey, her dad is adoring, i am thinking i will bring H back for breakfast…

January 21, 2020

…second day on the road… Cincinnati, Patti, Dave, Red Roof Inn, Patti described it as suburban wasteland, i suppose, McDonalds next door, inn is motel style, rooms open to outside, dogs bark in occupied rooms as we walk by… lunch at Cracker Barrel, H’s dog friends said it was place to go, obese people, one ahead of me in line with gift certificate, fried chicken and gravy, 1200 calories, D and P’s house seems huge, impeachment proceedings under way, theater that has nothing to do with right and wrong, just power, have things always been thus?… are there no true American Values, do we only stand for greed, power, overreach?… Cracker Barrel gift shop, saccharine country life, simple life, not unlike the conclusions of Moby Dick… come to Jesus billboard in the cornfields, i make a photograph, an expected image…

January 20, 2020

223.0 lbs

… first day on road goes smoothly, good weather, good spirits, open highways… at a rest stop a man questions me about Chas, what breed, dogs are best friends, tells me about Lou Holtz, Notre Dame Coach, dog is better friend than wife, lock them both in a trunk, drive them around the block, see who’s tail is still wagging when you let them out, friendship in this man’s mind is undying loyalty… we arrived at Red Roof Inn Boardman Ohio, clean, basic, cheap, it will do… we spend the afternoon in our hotel room, reading, watching MSNBC…

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