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Week 06

February 08, 2020

224.6 lbs

9:41 AM – Big Mouth Coffee Roasters

… starting to obsess about the flattened cans project, thinking of the variety of ways that it could develop… today’s value, self help, pull yourself up by the bootstraps, etc., taken together with individualism a value system that says we are responsible for ourselves on every front… started to read new book on panpsychism, wondering if i have found a philosophical system i can embrace, perhaps have already embraced, one interesting statement in the book is that if you have an idea that your approach too understanding and acting within the world should be based on a scientific method of inquiry, then the scientific method is not a primary value of exchange with the universe, it is part of a philosophical system… the book points out the physicalism, materialism, the idea that the universe runs according to basic laws that can be scientifically verified, is not the only philosophical system compatible with the rigors of scientific investigation… one of the thoughts i had about individualism this morning is that it is responsible for loneliness and the failure of individuals in secular society to find meaning, atomization isolates… having some kind of sense of being part of something bigger is the only path to meaning…

February 07, 2020

223.2 lbs

8:16 AM – Big Mouth Coffee Roasters

… A is the name of ironic barista girl, she too knows my order, we agreed we should be on a first name basis… another rainy day, photowalk anyway, photos from doorways, awnings, wherever i could find protection… R comes today, cleaned up in anticipation… thinking about bald eagle photo, S liked it, i have decided that my photographs of creatures will be from the distance one generally experiences with their eyes, though i am contemplating zooming in and pulling a fuzzy image of the bird, MF style… “damned impartial subterranean war” from California Shake by Margo Guryan, about an earthquake, i thought possibly about something more people at war specific, some kind of protest song, like it anyway, young folk educating me… thinking i will let the chickens stay indoors today, they won’t be happy, or open doors and let them choose… whatever… downloaded book on pansychism

For its proponents panpsychism offers an attractive middle way between physicalism on the one hand and dualism on the other. The worry with dualism—the view that mind and matter are fundamentally different kinds of thing—is that it leaves us with a radically disunified picture of nature, and the deep difficulty of understanding how mind and brain interact. And whilst physicalism offers a simple and unified vision of the world, this is arguably at the cost of being unable to give a satisfactory account of the emergence of human and animal consciousness. Panpsychism, strange as it may sound on first hearing, promises a satisfying account of the human mind within a unified conception of nature.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

February 06, 2020

222.3 lbs

8:28 AM – Big Mouth Coffee Roasters

… sturdy barista girl’s name is K__, which seems suitable, neither expected or unexpected… i have been having this thought that all my content should be shared through my websites, for free, hard copy costs money, but internet content does not, why not acknowledge the reality?, concurrently, i won’t worry about how much attention it gets, i do what i do, what i am compelled to do… rainy day, but i got my steps in, 5200 so far, well on my way to 10K by the time i get home… H has painting class today i remember, she didn’t sleep well and was having pain in her knee last night, she kept me up too, kept nudging me with her foot as she tried to adjust herself to comfort, Chas having appropriated 1/3 of the bed for himself, pushed her up next to me, i suspect her pain had to do with immobility due to Chas pinning her down and me boxing her in… read about Rachel Bitcofer poling model this morning, suggests the Dems are set to win across the board in November, hoping she is right, found it interesting that her fellow pollsters (a largely male crowd) are annoyed with her twitter self promotion tactics, they viewed it is prideful, egotistical, the profession apparently values working in obscurity until your model proves itself, let the proving of itself be what catapults you to attention, i think a bunch of men are pissed off by a successfully self promoting woman with a so far successful model, if her model fails in the 2020 election i am sure they will pounce, her model makes sense to me though, hope it is correct… H up and posting on FB, need to get home and make breakfast in case she wants to go to painting class…

February 05, 2020

223.4 lbs

9:16 AM – Big Mouth Coffee Roasters

… in bed early last night, slept well… let Fiona out of her crate when i went downstairs to read, i have started E. M. Cioran’s The Temptation to Exist, an essay by Susan Sontag represented 10% of the pages of the book, hmmm… sturdy barista girl minding the store today, need to find out her name, she knows my coffee order… someone talking loudly on the phone up front, i have learned to tolerate that better than i used to… state of the union address last night, couldn’t bare the thought of listening, watching, not much good TV to watch in its place… Iowa’s caucuses finally started reporting results, Butigidge, Sanders, Warren, Biden way down in fourth… Bernie Sanders is the way the nation needs to change, just don’t know if he’s the change the nation can tolerate… DT will be acquitted of impeachment charges today, not a good thing, his approval rating ticking up, not a good thing, the economy great, not a good thing, it’s all adding up to strong possibility that he will be reelected, i am starting to divorce myself from the outcome, there is no reason that things should go the way i think they should, the universe doesn’t behave that way, it goes like it goes, not exactly according to fate, but according to the resolution of forces at any given moment in time… i look to navigate myself in calm waters despite the turmoil, remember the birthing center of the universe…

But even so, amid the tornadoed Atlantic of my being, do I myself still for ever centrally disport in mute calm; and while ponderous planets of unwaning woe revolve round me, deep down and deep inland there I still bathe me in eternal mildness of joy.

Herman Melville, Moby Dick

February 04, 2020

224.4 lbs

8:40 AM – Big Mouth Coffee Roasters

… finished Naomi Klein book, This Changes Everything… the earth is fucked, at least as far as human and animal habitation is concerned… the task of turning things around seems impossible and the news from the past is not promising… the best example of massive social change is the end of slavery which was brutal by all accounts… what should a rational person do now?… no response to my American Values challenge, posted day 2, H hearted it, will see if anyone else climbs on board, has anything to say… Iowa caucuses a disaster apparently, irregularities statewide, no results, not sure when results will be available, wondering what kind of irregularities and whether incompetence or some kind of assault on the mechanisms of voting happened… sturdy barista girl is in charge today, wearing a white t-shirt that seems oddly casual to me… when the revolution comes… gave my business card to the crossing guard near the Roundhouse, old time Beacon man, nice man, he was curious about my photography so i gave him the means to look it up, be interesting to see if he does… H commented on my values post just now… Fiona peed in her crate last night, going to have to change the schedule, get her out when i get up so she doesn’t have to wait so long, walk her just before going to bed and confirm pee so we know she goes to bed with empty bladder, puppies, they change your life… Young couple sits at the table near by, new love, arms around each other, they seem a little out of place, not sure why… cloudy, flat light day, more flattened can photos…

February 03, 2020

223.0 lbs

Whether we choose to see the earth as a mother, a father, a parent, or an engendered force of creation, what matters is that we are acknowledging that we are not in charge, that we are part of a vast living system on which we depend. The earth, wrote the great ecologist Stan Rowe, is not merely “resource” but “source.”

Naomi Klein, This Changes Everything, Capitalism Vs. The Climate

… PERSONAL CONTROL OVER THE ENVIRONMENT: People can/should control nature, their own environment and destiny. The future is not left to fate. RESULT: An energetic, goal-oriented society.”… first American Value up today, control over the environment, incredibly outdated but incredibly active at present, Americans are the original can-do-anything-we-want-to-the-environment people and this position is not sustainable, this is a value that has to change, COMMUNAL, MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL RELATIONSHIP WITH THE ENVIRONMENT, is what it has to be replace with… we have to banish the concept of property ownership and replace it with property stewardship, which is what it is since the property will continue beyond any one individual’s existence…

February 02, 2020

224.4 lbs

9:37 AM – Big Mouth Coffee Roasters

… long thoughtful walk this morning, lots of thinking about American Values statement below… sticking in my mind, need to do something about it, i reposted to FB, suggested i would enjoy conversation about it, wondering if anyone will be interested… Super Bowl Sunday, i will not be watching, i could care less about the game, the outcome… i am thinking about a photography project based on the 13 American Values below, i think my flattened cans project could, for example, be the embodiment of a number of those values, individualism, materialism, etc., the church series, the by the sea series, i would pursue the values through typology series, this could be interesting… reviewed S’s photographic project this morning, love it, made hopefully useful suggestions… time to move on, make breakfast, get on with day…

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