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Week 25

In which we return home; the Supreme Court affirms LGBTQ rights in the workplace; I continue to read Pema Chodron and Susan Sontag; the Cheeto-In-Chief holds a rally, mid pandemic; I see a Bald Eagle; I have an exchange with P around Qanon; I receive my copy of the book Memory, by Bernadette Mayer.

June 20, 2020

225.4 lbs

3:37 PM – dining room

… Susan Sontag, On Photography:

No one now considers the beauty revealed in photographs to be epitomized by scientific micro photography. In the main tradition of the beautiful in photography, beauty requires the imprint of human decision: that this would make a good photograph and that the food picture would make some comment.

That photographs should be beautiful, that the individual should have framed and selected for beauty and layered with meaning the photographic print is still the requirement in art photography… 50 years on.

… iPhone camera only today, working out an approach with iPhone as main camera, other cameras for fine art purposes… i toy with this from time to time… ran into S at his new wine store, they will open next weekend, ran into R and had a good chat, he, off for a bike ride… not feeling great today… today DT holds a rally with his MAGA peeps, how many of the stupid will nature cull?… feeling more optimistic that the Cheeto-In-Chief can be dislodged in November… have to put tax docs together this weekend… an interesting article on Frederick Douglass and his appreciation of the photographic image as conveyor of truth, interesting to note how images, videos, can change the world…

June 19, 2020

223.2 lbs

8:14 AM – walking, railroad tracks

… long chat with T in Long Dock Park, good chat, we both like Pena Chodron, i tell him i enjoyed the chat and that i hoped we would have more… he told me he tried to buy a gun a while back but they were all sold out everywhere he looked, frightening, i don’t know if he ultimately succeeded… the spawning fish are back, Bald Eagle hunting them… walking the tracks to avoid people…

6:54 AM – walking, Long Dock Park

… as i arrive in the park i spot an eagle in the eagle tree, it takes off before i can get a better view, flies across the river to Newburgh… a FB message from P, sharing a Qanon propaganda video supporting The Cheeto-In-Chief, i respond politely, pointing out an inconsistency between message and reality and sharing an article on Qanon in The Atlantic, i will have a rational conversation about problems and solutions based on facts, not a conspiracy theory fueled one… lots of labor cleaning up the house yesterday, focus is on photography today… thinking my stock tank gardens need watering today, signs of distress on one plant, maybe two…

June 18, 2020

224.4 lbs

7:32 AM – Hamilton Fish Bridge, Newburgh side

… cloudy day so i thought a walk across the bridge would be good, change of perspective… masks should be worn it says on the Beacon side, didn’t see a similar sign on Newburgh side… about 50% wearing face covering… i take a moment to check steps, about 7,500… the bridge walk is noisy, the traffic whizzing, thundering by… not like walking along the river… or up the side of the mountain… Fiona looking better today, perked up, H and i both relieved… S messaging me, flower photo, possible new project…

June 17, 2020

224.8 lbs

8:22 AM – walking, pocket road trail

… man with coffee makes his way to table and chairs in the shade, a young buck steps gingerly through the undergrowth, we are quite close, he is not afraid…

8:15 AM – walking, pocket road trail

… coming down, two white women hiking together, one black woman hiking alone, one white woman sitting by herself, we all mask and or distance…

7:29 AM – walking, pocket road trail

… trying to let go of the Fiona worry, though i know it has a purpose, it is about vigilance, about paying attention and acting in a timely way… i haven’t been up the pocket road trail in a while… there were a couple of cars parked at the entry, i haven’t seen anyone… at one point, a bird rattling, or is that a snake, it doesn’t matter, it’s up the hill a ways… flux, change, that is the natural state of things… i have decided that i should not try to use more than one camera at a time, each camera involves a different head, results get diluted… with that in mind, new phone or new iPad?… that is the question… better cameras in both, leaning towards phone but pad not as expensive as i though…

6:08 AM – walking

… Fiona lethargic, i am tired of worrying…

June 16, 2020

223.8 lbs

7:33 AM – walking

… back release stop… more people out walking it seems… planing sandwiches and dog walk breakfast, i think H and dogs will like that…

6:22 AM – walking Main Street

… toxic masculinity, white dude, no mask, no effort to social distance…

5:31 AM – My Studio

… finished reading BF’s latest newsletter… i am thinking that my weekly daybook posts will include a summary, something that could be a bit of a newsletter i suppose, a quick dip into the salient features of the week, for me, for the community, for the nation…

4:54 AM – My Studio

… Chas came in to be with me, getting things cranked up, beginning of cleanup and put away downstairs, find my kindle, since there is no more iPad and, i am thinking, won’t be any time soon, the kindle tablet is being reintegrated to my work/read flow… birds singing riotously… i slept so much better last night in my own bed, of course, i was exhausted… a smooth trip home, little traffic, no delays, relatively safe… looking forward to life getting back to normal… my new book arrived, Memory, by Bernadette Mayer, something very similar to my daybook effort though only one month and more intensively poetry/prose… Chas goes downstairs, need to go let him out… about a half hour difference in sunrise/sunset, BI, later rise, later set, because we are further west in the timezone in Beacon…

Pema Chodron:

Scrambling for security has never brought anything but momentary joy.

June 15, 2020

225.2 lbs

2:51 PM – BI Ferry

… we are on the ferry, a room with a view!… a bit of a rush at the end… and now, 1 hour crossing and we are on the road… news that the ferry was packed on the weekend, people not social distancing, not wearing masks, i am predicting the virus will make an appearance on the island soon, it is wishful thinking that it will stay free if they keep it open… news that the LBGTQ population is protected by federal law in the workplace, 6-3 SC decision, not even close…

7:38 AM – walking Pilot Hill Road

… if you choose moments that don’t date themselves to photograph, they can be any moment in time…

7:04 AM – St Andrew Church

… a moment to rest and release my back before circling home on Pilot Hill road… cold, windy, feels more like winter or late fall than spring, nearly summer… town empty, early, Monday… a man on his constitutional, met him twice, doing a circuit…

4:47 AM – the cottage

… we return to Beacon today, i am glad for that, BI is beautiful, but it has been frustrating on all sorts of levels and there has been an unpleasant energy to it as well… did not sleep well last night, not sure why, anticipation of leaving perhaps… M likes the beach stone/object abstracts too, she likes my photography the most when it abstracts from the world…

June 14, 2020

225.4 lbs

7:37 AM – north light

…epic walk, beach beneath Clayhead

4:57 AM – the cottage

… Susan Sontag, On Photography:

For it is in the nature of a photograph that it can never entirely transcend its subject, as a painting can.

4:40 AM – the cottage

… recorded dinner, i am good during the day, but in the evening, not so much, alcohol the main culprit, what i have to cut down on, i can do it!… went to bed wondering how to respond to M’s all performers matter comment on my Eta James post, when i woke up it was like magic, S gave a perfect and positive answer… it occurs to me that Black Lives Matter can be a celebration of the contributions of black lives… mercifully, Chas is not whining at the bedroom door this morning, yet…

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