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Week 26

In which I continue to read Susan Sontag, On Photography, and ponder the nature of photography now, which seems little changed from when the book was written; read about the life of Frederick Douglass and make an internal commitment to learn more about Black History in honor of Black Lives Matter; discover that a friend has been undergoing cancer treatment since May; overhear one old man telling other old men about another old man with balls hanging down to his feet; conduct an internal debate about using the iPhone camera exclusively on my walks; AG Barr attempts to get rid of the lead attorney of the Southern District of NY and replace him with a crony, the move is not completely successful; the Cheeto-In-Chief holds a rally that is sparsely attended much to the delight of Liberal Media.

June 27, 2020

226.8 lbs

7:02 AM – walking, 52

Frederick Douglass cropped up in Brain Pickings this morning, i remember that i intended to read about black lives that have mattered, i purchase Douglass’s first autobiography, i set out to read the Wikipedia entry, which is long and thorough, i have to save much of it for later… i walked down Main Street, observing the parking spaces taken over by outdoor seating pens for the restaurants, i fantasize that MS will become a pedestrian mall… i am thinking about the idea that a photographer must work carefully and patiently to produce a transcendent photograph, which is not at all what i do, i photograph my attention, the results vary from picture to picture, i don’t work to create a masterpiece…

June 26, 2020

224.8 lbs

7:16 AM – walking, Memorial Park

… i am sitting with my sadness, a flock of starlings, i try to get close enough for a picture, they don’t let me, i try again, they loose patience and fly off, still, i have it in my mind and in these words, if not in the camera… an idea, one image, multiple captions, by me, by friends?… the idea that a picture can change meaning according to the words that get associated with it…

7:00 AM – walking, Memorial Park

… pass Y’s house, who calls out from the porch, we chat, i discover Y is undergoing treatment for cancer, i say i am sorry, we chat a little more, prognosis is good Y tells me, i hope so… sadness seems to abound…

6:14 AM – walking, Main Street

… frustrating morning…

June 25, 2020

225.2 lbs

7:32 AM – walking, Fishkill Creek

… “There was this one old man with his balls hanging down to his feet.”, so began a story told by another old man to his two companions…

6:43 AM – walking, Beacon Falls

… nice day, cool morning, shit storm continues, virus alive and well in S, SW, W… catching up on my photo editing, woke up at 3:30 AM, Chas at 4:00 AM, he decided to bark in back yard, had to go get him… feeling a little better today but not 100%… watched a quasi funny movie last night… a relief from Fringe… need to cheer ourselves up i think, how to do…

June 24, 2020

227.0 lbs

7:17 AM – walking, Memorial Park

… rain come and gone, humidity, sweat under the poncho… the pace of making photos picks up… feeling a little better…

6:16 AM – walking, Beacon Theatre

… waiting for the rain, covered area, wont last long but will be more than light… H thanks me for the front porch, then snatches the thank you back, what about the trim, which annoys me, thank you was good enough, should have stopped there… not feeling well, three days now, tired of it… weather app says it should be raining but it is not, somewhere else in Beacon?… rain finally starts…

June 23, 2020

226.0 lbs

12:31 PM – dining room

… the heat is draining, we turn on the AC at noon, a little earlier each day, seems more humid today… lethargy the result of the heat, things to be done, not the will to do them…

7:17 AM – walking, Long Dock Park

… persistent feeling that i should use the iPhone camera mostly during walks and develop a workflow for handling the images… maybe through Lightroom Mobile… better camera for more focused photog…

6:52 AM – walking

… a dream about M last night, we kissed, we were going to make love, then i woke up… internet connection went out shortly after i got up… walked out without my camera, went back and got it, first picture i tried to take camera informed me there was no memory card, it’s going to be one of those days… using iPhone camera instead, which renews my interest in a new phone…

June 22, 2020

227.0 lbs

7:08 AM – walking, Memorial Park

… not feeling great, alcohol or general malaise, hard to tell… odd dreams last night, smell of smoke, i woke up, no smoke in room, no smoke in hallway, just a dream, alternate universe?… finally took a shower, badly needed… some progress on editing and cataloging of BI images, more to do, then posting… going to be another hot day, going to be a hot week… back problems gone, started stretching again, seems to have made a difference…

June 21, 2020

226.4 lbs

9:21 AM – my studio

… lackluster attendance at Trump rally confirmed, the youth pranked the event by signing up for tickets with no intention of going, Barr caves on SDNY head gambit, not a good week for CIC…

6:35 AM – walking, 9D bridge, Beacon

… feeling a little sad and frustrated, i am not far from ARF, i hear the dogs barking, this makes me think of S who’s dog Charlotte is having a medical crises, i text to inquire how she is doing… i am thinking of the need to work and how frustrating it is that i don’t begin to get done what i would like to get done… not feeling well… CIC’s rally not well attended, those that did packed together without masks, it did not look like the CIC protected himself in any way, we will see what happens…

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