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Week 34

August 22, 2020

12:16 PM – dining room

… spent the morning surveilling an anti child sex trafficking rally connected to QAnon, anything connected to QAnon is alarming, we wanted to get the measure, it was small, with no overt QAnon message that i saw, should keep an eye on it and similar events to see if it is growing, getting more overt…

07:46 AM – walking, Sargent Downey School

… i am reminded by a FB post that there is a QAnon gathering in Memorial park this AM, H and i will check it out, i want an idea of the size of the problem, how much to worry… the cicadas in the trees grinding their legs…

07:23 AM – walking, Beacon Falls, Roundhouse

… i notice the anomalies in my vision, think i really need an eye exam, maybe this will be the week i set it up, fear holds me back, fear of virus, fear that it is something sinister, fear… the static hiss of the falls, the glory of glory, i don’t know what that means, it just popped into my head…

04:50 AM – dining room

… a better, kinder day yesterday, not much on breaking news front, except that there are weather catastrophes happening around the country, and one presumes, around the world… H in a better mood, we took dogs for walk in park for second day in a row, glad to be getting her and dogs out… an article in Scientific American about how Scientists still don’t have a good idea about Quantum Entanglement, other than it happens, it mentions Panpsychism in the most minimal way, suggesting it is a fringe theory without that much support in the scientific community, but it does say it resolves the problem… i was thinking about Panpsychism yesterday, i started the year reading up on it, but events took over with other concerns and focus… Jonathan Blaustein, On Fordlandia 9, a book he thinks is excellent and looking at images captured from it, i tend to agree, JB has a no google policy when reviewing books, i assume this is to ensure his review is purely reaction to the contents, but something got missed because of it, that is the title makes definite reference to a deal struck between Henry Ford and the Brazilian Government to construct a town/city to supply rubber to the US tire market. Fordlandia was the name of the town/city and 9% is the portion of profits to be given to the Brazilian government in exchange for 3900 square miles of land. The town/city was built, the enterprise failed. Fordlandia languished for a long time, i decide to comment on the post and do… i am able to leave my website address and i do, will he have known what i share about the book?, just not at the time of reviewing?, will he decide to have a look at my Daybook?, we’ll see… an interview with JM Ramirez-Suassi, Fordlandia 9’s author, in American Suburb X, Brad Fuerhelm advises to purchase the book, he believes it will achieve mythical status and there are not that many copies made, i do, it’s an investment, i hope… also interesting to be coming from Brazil, experiencing similar governmental and pandemic dysfunction that we are…

August 21, 2020

226.6 lbs

07:49 AM – walking, Long Dock Park

… i am just a poor boy, Simon and Garfunkle wafting through my brain, feeling a little sad, feeling hungover, feeling like i need something good, something encouraging to happen… i am somewhat uplifted by the DNC convention… T and the men as i left the house this AM, coming back from their walk/run…

05:14 AM – dining room

… yesterday went in a downward spiral, i tried lifting us up but H continued to be in a foul mood and continued to take it out on me, by the end of the day, i was ready for alcohol, drank too much, missed the closing night of the DNC convention, i hear it went well… the republican convention should be quite the contrast, and i am trying hard to imagine that it will do anything more than gin up his ever shrinking black hole of a base… an article in the Economist tells me that the Biden’s campaign is on track, it is what is needed right now to rid ourselves of 45… this review of the convention in The Bulwark had me in tears, go team Biden, go, now we have to get past the debates, 45’s best and last opportunity to prove Biden is past it, fingers, legs and toes crossed… an article on how a simple re-tweet by 45 can increase the following of the original author many-fold, in this case, QAnon believers seeking public office… Art Blart on Andre Kortesz

August 20, 2020

07:40 – dining room

… H in a bad mood this AM, worries about Rubie, worries about the country, she takes it out on me, i am angry, i am tired of her relentless wallowing in wretchedness, of being the life preserver that tries to float her up, of being dragged down into the mire of her unhappiness, i am tired of being the even keel, the calm, of never being handed a life preserver myself, i know she is worried, anxious, tired herself, she shouldn’t take it out on me…

06:00 – dining room

… up late this AM, stayed up to watch the DNC convention, which was good, brought tears to my eyes a number of times… the news continues to disturb, 45 supported and praised the QANON folks, we have sunk to a new low… Rubie appears to have an ear infection, back to the vet, will it ever end?, we just get hit with thing, after thing, after thing, that costs money, at least we have the money…

August 19, 2020

226.8 lbs

07:33 – walking, Roundhouse, Beacon Falls

… pleasant, cool morning, high of 80 predicted, sunny, coolish, next two days, dog walk and breakfast tomorrow i am thinking, need to get H out of the house… have the 105 mm lens on the Nikon today, no autofocus, have to make three images of everything to be sure in focus, wondering if i could ever do anything about that, send in for repairs?… Dem convention being reviewed well by moderates, not so well by the progressives who are resigned?… hungry this AM, perhaps there will be weight loss tomorrow… just read a post about QANON rally in town August 22, 2020, Memorial Park, the bat-shit-crazy-awful is relentless… i am afraid, Liberals are being painted in such vile terms that violence against some or many of us seems almost certain… i wonder if QANON is Russian backed, nothing i have read suggests this to be the case, but it’s not clear anyone knows who QANON is, maybe intelligence services…

4:22 AM – Dining Room

… Heather Cox Richardson did not make that much of the Senate Intel Committee report, noting instead that the Senate was in possession of the information during Impeachment and still gave 45 a pass, i think it may be more important than that, but we will see… watched the whole convention last night, i think i may like the COVID format better than the impersonal spectacles of the past, it goes quicker, is more efficient, and in some ways seems more sincere… an article in Politico about the Democratic party turning to the old dinosaurs… an article in The Atlantic about the disappointment of Sanders supporters… an article in The Bulwark, the USPS scandal is evil… an article in The Bulwark on 45 as shock therapy…

August 18, 2020

226.6 lbs

5:07 AM – dining room

… a review of the news indicates first night of Dem convention was generally a success… i couldn’t stay up, one cocktail and i can’t make it past my normal bedtime, no alcohol tonight, i want to watch with H… Jorg Colberg article on Snake Legs, by Max Zerrahn, i like the idea of the book, i like some of the things Jorg has to say about it better as they might apply to my own work… and as i am sitting here, i have an idea, what if, i think to myself, i make a book with the digital picture frame, a sequence of photographs, maybe videos, meant to be a larger whole?… what if i submit that to the Davis Orton book show?… back to the article, the idea that in Japan, where the distribution of photography is centered around the book form, the masterpiece photo has a less important role than and within a collection of photos that may not be masterpieces, but they add up to a masterpiece, Colberg says:

In contrast, our Western ideas seem centered on the individual photograph that ought to be as brilliant as possible. You then build up a “project” in such a way that it’s a coherent “best of” of your good pictures that also happens to communicate something larger. I don’t necessarily find fault with that, because it’s a good method (so it’s great for teaching). But it’s important to realize that it’s only one of the possible methods: there are others.1

… my Daybook project is dedicated to using a selection of photographs which may be the better photographs of the week, they are not by any stretch the best photographs i make for the most part, i collect my best photographs into albums to be presented separately… a video tour through Kikuji Kawada’s The Map, wonderful, dark book… out of print, very expensive, one day maybe?…

August 17, 2020

08:01 AM – walking, Madam Brett Trail

… H read the articles I posted yesterday and had good comments to make… waning summer atmosphere, lazy crickets…

07:14 AM – walking, Long Dock Park

… many thoughts swimming around my brain, about photography, about cemetery audit, about Post Office politics, about the latter, is 45 posturing for negotiation leverage with the side benefit of undermining confidence in ballots by mail?, is there anything that can be done about “efficiency” and “cost containment” measures?, legal under Executive powers?, the tempest election year posturing?… maybe The Economist will have something to say about it, ran in to T and the men heading out for their walk, ran into R coming back from his ride… something P said to me through FB, checks and balances, she believes they still exist, but her fear of Democrats in power suggests she only has faith as they apply to her own conservative party, this seems a contradiction, meaning, i guess, as long as conservatives are in power liberals can apply whatever check and balance they can muster, which seems to have been little, but she has no faith conservatives can do the same when dems are in control?, i think the no faith position either way is the better assessment of the current situation…

04:03 AM – dining room

… forgot to weigh myself, calorie count under the limit yesterday… Fiona slept in her crate last night, wonder why?… puss all happy to see me this morning, careening around the place… no Heather Cox Richardson today, she took the night off, has to start teaching again, wondering if she will have time to keep up her missives… digital picture frame i ordered came… box was supposed to be damaged, couldn’t see any, saved $30, of course, don’t know if it works yet, will get it up and running later today… i am looking for evidence that the USPS controversy is overblown, i posted an article this weekend that suggested that, i got pushback from a couple of friends, but i can see how the politics around it serves both sides… i am waiting for the Economist Magazine to take it up, as i think that is my best shot at neutral reporting on the issue… an article on the need to act on Belarus, big upheavals, west needs to act… i finish the news feed early, not much in it anyway… reluctantly, i will turn to Mount Pleasant Cemetery audit documents, need to have a look and write questions…

August 16, 2020

226.6 lbs

05:05 AM – dining room

… Heather Cox Richardson sounding the alarm about loss of democracy as Republicans try to strangle the Democratic Party… news item about a justice department referral in 2019 that appears to have gone nowhere… an article on David Goldblatt, South African Photographer, i read it, wish i could go to the exhibition, maybe online?, they doan article in Hyperallergic about saving the Post Officean article in the Bulwark about the dehumanization of liberals by extremist conservatives… an article on Lucy Dyson catches my eye, collage and animation artist… another collage artist, Erika Zolli

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