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What is Love?

… de Beauvoir’s claims love for woman is complete surrender to the sovereign man…

As far back as I can recall, all the foolish acts or all the good deeds I have done stem from the same cause, an aspiration to the perfect and ideal love where I can give myself entirely, confide all my being to another being, God, man, or woman, so superior to me that I would no longer think of leading my life or watching over myself. To find someone who would love me enough to take the trouble to make me live, someone whom I would blindly and confidently obey, sure that he would keep me from all failure and would put me on the right track, very gently and with much love, toward perfection. How I envy the ideal love of Mary Magdalene and Jesus: to be the ardent disciple of an adored and worthy master; to live and die for one’s idol, believe in him without any possible shadow of doubt, to hold at last the final victory of the Angel over the beast, to be held in his enveloping arms, so small, so pressed in his protection, and so much his that I no longer exist.1

… to me, an ideal love relationship is that of two physical-spiritual centers in orbit around one-another… not fully independent, not fully dependent… a stable system that stands united in equilibrium against all but the most extreme pushes and pulls of surrounding space through time… and yet, these two physical-spiritual centers at times, reach into one another in moments of extreme intimacy to become a universal one…

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